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Programmer (EO-NP)
How to Apply
  • Extend and monitor existing data pipeline workflow written in Apache Airflow.
  • Administer analytics database cluster
  • Build Site Performance Diagnostics system using Machine Learning
  • Develop Automation Tools for Network Operations
  • Create data visualization for Network/ Customer Performance Monitoring System
  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Information System, Computer Science, electronic engineering or related disciplines
  • Knowledge of Python, bash script, git
  • Preferably knowledge of:
  • a. Data pipeline framework (Apache Airflow)
  • b. Databases (ClickHouse, Redis, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Sybase)
  • c. Data visualization tools (Tableau, Metabase)
  • d. Deployment / orchestration tools (Docker, docker-compose, supervisor, nginx)
  • e. Basic cybersecurity practices