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Environmental Protection

The Group is committed to environmental protection. It makes efficient use of resources, promote green awareness within the Group, follows eco-friendly management practices and supports community events to build a green living environment.


Electricity is the key source of energy for our business and our major source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Other minor sources of emissions include our transport vehicles and standby emergency generators.

The Group incorporates energy efficiency in the design and operations of its cell sites and switching centres. For example, we are deploying the new generation of radio base station equipment with lower power consumption in order to reduce the power consumption by the base station equipment in our cell sites. We have also converted some of our cell sites to non air-conditioned sites by deploying the latest models of base station equipment designed with higher tolerance to ambient temperature and hence not requiring air-conditioning. For cell sites that still require air-conditioning, we raised the upper temperature tolerance level (but still within the recommended operational range)

and deployed inverter-type air conditioners to reduce the power consumption on air-conditioning. All these measures will reduce much of the carbon emission.By the nature of our business, the discharges into water and land, and generation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste during our course of operations is minimal.

Use of resources, the environment and natural resources

In addition to our efforts in reducing power consumption by our cell sites and switching centres, we also demonstrated our environmental concern through efficient use of resources in our daily operations.

Our entire line of retail shops uses a wirelessly operated customer management system. Frontline colleagues use the iPad to provide services to customers, including the use of e-Signature to replace paper for contract confirmation and the use of e-leaflets to replace paper-based promotional leaflets. The wireless system greatly reduces the use of paper in our sales process. We also established carbon reduction measures and progressively increase the use of high energy-efficient appliances in our daily operations to reduce carbon emissions.

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