SmarTone 5G

SmarTone offers consumers the best overall 5G experiences in town, we also break down the boundaries for business and spearhead smart city development in Hong Kong

Believe in the Best
Hong Kong’s No.1* SmarTone 5G

No.1 Best Actor meets the No.1 telecommunications brand! The international recognized best actor, Cheung Ka Fai, has been a SmarTone customers for over 20 years, and is now features in SmarTone 5G's latest ad!

SmarTone 5G is the Consumers’ No.1 Best Preferred 5G Network*, boasting the widest coverage in Hong Kong^. Its proprietary 5G Max# includes both Real-time Artificial Intelligence and Ericsson’s Powerful Network Technology, maximising 5G power to give you an optimised network experience both indoors and out! Add to that SmarTone’s sizeable investment in infrastructure, providing the most spectrum per customer in Hong Kong!

*Based on results obtained from study conducted by NuanceTree between Jul and Sep 2020, as commissioned by SmarTone. ^Based on results obtained from SmarTone's road test conducted on 19 Jul 2021. #The Hong Kong exclusive 5G Max technology adopted by SmarTone features AI real-time radio processing and Ericsson’s powerful network technology, both developed by Ericsson.

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The New 5G Private Broadband Era

SmarTone Home 5G Broadband is revolutionising the home broadband of old, blazing the trail for “The New 5G Private Broadband Era”! Providing the public with a no-landline, plug-and-play 5G broadband service that is widely affordable, it gives users the option to add private broadband anywhere in their house on top of their original fibre broadband, to enjoy their very own ultra-fast 5G home internet experience and put an end to the troubles of fighting for bandwidth.

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SmarTone 5G Powerful Network in the MTR

SmarTone 5G covers commercial areas, malls, tunnels, major highways and 60 MTR stations across 10 major MTR lines to give our customers a faster, stabler, smoother network experience!

Cyber Security

Networks are used extensively but also face various potential cyber threats. SmarTone provides consumers all-round security protection by offering different types of secure services to suit different consumer needs

SmarTone Comprehensive Cyber & Voice Protection

The threat of cyberattacks increases by day and the customers’ need for cyber security products and services is on the rise. SmarTone is providing a comprehensive cyber and voice security service bundle to ensure personal data, privacy and nuisance protection. In addition, customer can attend our Mobile Security Classes and receive the latest cyber security information.

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"Be a SmarTizen"Digital Intelligence Programme

"Be a SmarTizen" is the new initiative of SmarTone to promote digital intelligence. Through the Programme, we aspire every citizen in Hong Kong to be a smart netizen.Join the "SmarTizens Community" to go online smarter and more intelligently in the digital era!

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Corporate Updates

SmarTone Solutions unleashes corporates’ power of digital transformation. Our agility and innovation is being widely recognized.

SmarTone Solutions Business eShop

The SmarTone Solutions Business eShop is now officially open! Skip the line and subscribe to mobile, fixed and messaging services via this dedicated 24/7 online portal anytime, anywhere in just 3 simple on-boarding steps.

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5G Office Broadband

To redefine home broadband in Hong Kong and offer the best overall 5G experience, SmarTone launches its Home 5G Broadband service, the first in the city that gives you hasslefree home internet experience. The new service with an option to purchase designated Wi-Fi 6 router at a special price. This delivers 5G ultra-fast speed with an incredibly simple plug-and-play setup that allows for immediate service without any installation.

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CIC Construction Innovation Award 2019

Not only is SmarTone leading the telecommunications industry with people-oriented services and high-quality network, it is also getting recognition from other sectors. SmarTone won the “CIC Construction Innovation Award 2019” with “SmartWorks”, an innovative solution integrating technology and humanity to enhance worker’s safety, health and operational efficiency.

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PC Market Best of IT Award 2019

SmarTone won the PCM Best of IT Award 2019 – IoT Network Operator recognizing our innovative solutions to enterprises from different sectors in Hong Kong.

“SmartWorks” integrates advanced technologies, such as IoT Sensors, Video Analytic Engine, AI Engine, cloud and wireless networks to enhance workers’ safety, health and operational efficiency.

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CITF Pre-approved Product

“SmartWorks” and its “Safety Alert System for Temporary Lift Shaft Gate” are on the Pre-approved Product List under the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund.

Customers in construction industry who adopt SmartWorks to strengthen construction site safety, workers’ health and operation efficiency can apply this fund.

* All applications will be reviewed and approved by CITF's 'Vetting Sub-Committee'

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